We make every effort to upload the presentation files from the workshops at Free The Seeds and the video recordings where possible. Not every workshop will have a handout you can download. Click on the orange title to download a pdf of the presentation.

Thank you to our workshop teachers for providing these!

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Workshop Presentations & Handouts

Building A Resilient MT Food System with Robin Kelson of AERO/Abundant MT

Building Soil While Raising Great Wool with Carol Treadwell-Steitz of Steitzhof Merinos

Coloring With Natural Pigments with Barnes of Montana Survival Seed

Gardening for Wildlife with Naomi Alhadeff & Eliza Lindley of National Wildlife Federation

Growing More Food with Less Problems with Patti Armbrister of Agrarian Food Web

How ’bout them Apples! with Mark Cometti of Flathead Permaculture

Is Beekeeping For Me? with Angela Tollerson of Flathead Valley Beekeepers Association

Learn to Love Lentils with Julie Laing of Twice as Tasty

Promoting Native Mason Bees with Steve Glutting

Vertical Veg: A Trellis to Make You Jealous with Ellen Mering of 345 Farm

Wheat & Your Health: Whole vs Refined with Luca Mele


Workshop Presentations & Handouts

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